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What Are the Most Expensive Dental Procedures?

List of 4 Most Expensive Dental Procedures

Before introducing costly dental procedures, there is one thing you should know about dental procedure costs. In most cases, the cost of common dental procedures might be included in your dental insurance, making it more affordable to most people.

But for some procedures that may be considered cosmetics, you should have private health insurance to reduce the average cost of dental care per year. It is always better if you have insurance because the cost of dental procedures without insurance might be much higher.

Now, let’s check out the list of dental procedures that are considered more expensive than common dental procedures.

1. Dental Implants

If you have lost teeth due to a dental extraction procedure, you can fill the gap with dental implants. Since in this procedure, you will have a completely new tooth planted in your jaw; a dental implant is considered one of the most expensive dental treatments.

Although implants are costly procedures, they last longer and are considered permanent. Therefore, even if you pay more, you will be free of further new dental procedures to replace the planted teeth.

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what is the most expensive dental procedure

Although a dental implant is a common procedure in most cases, sometimes the patient might have lost more than one or two teeth in a row, which makes it much more complex to perform a dental implant.

Therefore, dentures will be offered, a complete set of teeth to place over the lost teeth, and considered an expensive teeth replacement too.

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2. Gum Surgery

It is always said that oral health is as important as dental care because gums keep teeth in their place. Any problem and illness with the gum will affect the teeth’ health too.

That’s why gum surgery is an expensive dental procedure that highly-trained oral surgeons and specialists perform. Moreover, the cost of gum surgery varies depending on the location of the dental procedure.

Gum surgery is one of the most expensive dental surgery

The following procedures are also placed in the group of oral surgery:

  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • The procedure to lift the sinus
  • Augmentation of bone
  • Removal of cysts or tumors
  • Repair of cleft palate or lip

Additionally, gum surgery might be required before the dental implant procedure. The health of the gums and jaw can affect the surgery’s difficulty and its costs.

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3. Dental Crowns

Sometimes the decay or cavity might damage the tooth’s shape or colour. To restore its shape and whiteness, your dentist may offer dental crowns, which is one of the most common dental procedures.

However, the crown dental cost is much lower than other surgeries on this list. However, its price mainly depends on the crown material.

On the other hand, since it might be considered as a cosmetic procedure, most dental insurances might not cover it. That will make it a costly procedure for some people. Read more about dental insurance for cosmetic surgery to prevent paying high prices for this procedure.

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Do We Actually Need Crowns?

In some cases, dental crowns may seem cosmetic and unnecessary. You may wonder if you really need this expensive dental procedure. A dental crown covers a cracked or damaged tooth to improve its aesthetic and functionality. If you have a damaged tooth and don’t use a dental crown to protect it, you may encounter more severe problems later, resulting in more decay or much costlier procedures.

Furthermore, a dental crown is required on a damaged tooth when the person needs a dental bridge or dental implants to fill the gap of removed teeth. Since these procedures require healthy teeth around the gap, your teeth will need a dental crown to become more strong to support implants or dental bridges. Therefore, in most cases, you really need a dental crown procedure.

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4. Braces

Having crooked or crowded teeth is common in most people, especially children. They affect the beauty of your smile and might make it harder to eat or bite.

Orthodontic treatment is one of the most expensive dental treatments to align the teeth and return them to their proper place. Heavy surgeries are not required for this treatment; the patient only needs to use braces, which should be tightened after a few weeks to guide the teeth in their place by the pressure it makes.

most expensive braces for teeth

How to Afford Expensive Dental Work?

Several ways can help you afford dental work. For example, you can go to public dental clinics, which are cheaper than private clinics. However, you should also know that due to being inexpensive, they are always crowded, so you may have to wait for a long time.

Therefore, it’s better to have dental insurance so that wherever you go, you can pay a more affordable price for any dental procedure. However, you should ensure that your insurance covers your dental procedure because some dental insurances do not cover cosmetic dental procedures.

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Furthermore, Acacia Dental offers you a dental payment method called DentiCare, which allows you to pay the cost of dental treatment based on weekly or monthly payments, which will be more affordable than paying the total price at one session. Read more about Acacia Dental payment plans.

Which Insurance Plan Covers the Most Expensive Dental Procedures?

The coverage of insurance depends on the plan you choose. Therefore, you should check out the different private insurance plans in your area to find the perfect insurance for yourself. However, if you use Acacia Dental services, you can use one of its payment plans, which allows you to pay for expensive dental procedures over time or monthly, which makes these procedures more affordable to you.

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Bottom Line & FAQs

Dental procedures can be expensive, and the cost can vary based on several factors. Discussing the dental works prices with your dentist before undergoing any procedure is critical to ensure that you are fully aware of the financial commitment involved.

Additionally, many dental insurance plans offer coverage for specific procedures, so it is essential to check your coverage and explore all options for financing your dental care. Ultimately, the high price of some dental procedures is avoidable if you follow a healthy dental routine.

Furthermore, visiting your dentist regularly can reduce the costs you may have to pay for the most expensive dental treatments.

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What is the most expensive dental procedure in the Northern Territory and Australia?

Dental implants and veneers are considered the most expensive teeth procedures in this area. Additionally, root canal procedure price may also surpass the price of these procedures based on the number of canals.

What is the most expensive tooth extraction?

Generally, the tooth extraction cost depends on various factors, such as location of the extraction and the complexity of the procedure. The dentist’s fees are also added to this amount. All of them make wisdom teeth removal more expensive than other tooth extractions.

Are luxury dental procedures worth it?

To regain your celebrity smile, you should undergo expensive dental procedures, such as dental implants, bridges, or dental veneers. However, if the condition of your teeth is not that bad, you can create a bright smile by a simpler and much more affordable dental procedure such as teeth whitening.

Why are dental procedures so expensive?

The dental procedure costs depend on different factors, and the dentist’s experience is one of them, which might make some procedures more expensive in some dentistry offices.

What is the most expensive dental procedure?

Generally, the procedures to restore the health and alignment of the teeth, including root canals or dental implants, or costs of cosmetic dentistry, such as dental veneers, are more expensive than the preventive procedures.

How to pay for expensive dental procedures?

Having private health insurance can save you from paying high prices for the most expensive dental work. Check the type of procedure you should undergo with your dental insurance company to ensure it is covered.

What is the best permanent tooth replacement?

It depends on different factors, such as the location and number of missing teeth, the health and strength of your jawbone, and your budget. For example, if you have lost just one tooth, a dental bridge can be the best tooth replacement if you have healthy teeth around the gap.
However, in most cases, dental implants may seem to be the best permanent tooth replacement because it lasts for a very long time. However, it requires a healthy jawbone and is more expensive than other procedures.

Why is root canal so expensive?

A root canal is a complex procedure in which the dentist removes the infected pulp. Therefore, it is done in different steps, which require experience and special equipment. The cost of a root canal depends on the location of the teeth and how hard it is infected or damaged.

Which tooth is the most expensive root canal?

Generally, dental procedures on the teeth in the back of the mouth are more difficult than others. A root canal is no exception. Apart from being challenging to perform, these teeth have a more complex anatomy and more roots, which makes the procedure more complex and time-consuming.

What are the most expensive veneers?

Porcelain veneers, which closely resemble natural teeth, are the priciest option for dental veneers. They are known for their durability, resistance to stains, and longevity, lasting up to 10 to 20 years or even longer. Porcelain laminate veneers, also known as ultrathin veneers or no-prep veneers, are among the most expensive veneers.

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