Dental Services for Children

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Get Professional Dental Care for Your Little Ones

The child’s first dentist appointment is an important milestone. It marks the start of their journey with dentistry for children. It is important to pick the right kids’ dentist who will make the experience positive for your little one. 

So here at our pediatric dentistry part of Acacia Dental Clinic, we go the extra mile to ensure your child has a positive and comfortable experience.

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Are you searching for Darwin Children's Clinic?

At Acacia Dental, we provide you with a list of experienced dentists which professional knowledge about working with children and making dental procedures more comfortable for them.

Additionally, you can book your appointment online; no need to call and stay on the waitlist. You can easily find a dentist in Palmerston, NT, who is available at the closest time.

Emergency Dental Care for Kids

Kids’ physical activity is uncontrollable and sometimes tragic! At Acacia Dental on-call emergency care, we are ready to help little kids overcome a chipped or knocked-out tooth. Do not hesitate to call us for your child’s dental needs.

(08) 8983 2780

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Restorative Services ​

Encouraging your toddler’s first visit to the dentist is a great way to get kids used to visit the dentist early. Also, receiving restorative services early on helps guarantee that kids will keep up with their oral hygiene and have strong teeth throughout their life. We will help you there!

Acacia’s dentist for kids is an expert at addressing cavities in young kids and can provide bondings and fillings for children to fix the problem.

Your child may need more advanced services like cosmetic dentistry for children’s discoloured teeth. Our children’s cosmetic dentistry experts provide kids with various options to improve their smiles.

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Preventive Care for Children

Preventive care for children, including sealant and fluoride therapy, is key to safeguarding their oral health. Acacia Dental Care recommends that all children begin getting preventive care as soon as they develop their first primary teeth.

Sedation Services

Trips to the dentist can be a source of extreme anxiety, especially for kids with autism or ADHD. Nitrous Oxide gas is considered an excellent option for providing a feeling of relaxation during a visit to the dentist for an autistic child. There will be nothing to worry about! Instead of seeing them panicking in a clinic, your kid smiles at the dentist!

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Children Crooked Teeth Ways to Deal with

It is common for kids to have crooked teeth. But they don’t have to live with that. 

The sooner you save them from this type of teeth, the better life you will guarantee them in future. That’s when orthodontics services will work the best for them. 

Based on their age and teeth condition, the dentist may offer them clear braces or clear aligners to hold their teeth in place and make them aligned. 

Book an online appointment to start creating a better smile for your child.  

Why Choose Us for Kids Dentistry? ​

Certified and experienced team of pediatric dentists

Children’s choice for dental care in Coolalinga

A professional dentist that accepts children’s medicare

The latest dental technology and equipment

Gentle care in a comfortable, kid-friendly environment

Financial payment plans to reduce children’s dental care cost

Benefit from Medical Insurances in Acacia Dental

As a dental clinic, we want to inform you that some private health funds have developed their own network of Preferred Providers or Members Providers or Members Choice Providers, which include BUPA (MBF & HBA are now part of this group) and Medibank Private.

Acacia Dental Clinic has been chosen as a preferred provider by many of Australia’s health funds, meaning you can enjoy maximum savings on your dental treatments.

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*By utilizing the health funds mentioned above, you are able to immediately access your rebate after receiving treatment, while you can also benefit from up to two free treatments per year (look up your health fund website to see what these treatments are).

Give Your Child the Best Start in Kids Dentistry

Did you search on google for a “kids dentist near me”? Acacia Dental is an excellent option for kids’ dentistry in Darwin, Palmerston, Humpty doo, and Howard Springs!

From fun and colourful waiting rooms to the experienced and friendly staff, we make going to the dentist a positive experience for everyone.

Schedule an appointment at our kids’ dentistry services today and give your child the smile they deserve.

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Professional & Affordable Dental Care for Children Under the CDBS

By prioritising your child’s dental health, you can prevent dental disease, improve their oral health and save in the long run.

There is a Medicare program known as the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, or CDBS, which covers a variety of dental procedures for children between the ages of 2 -17. To ensure your child’s teeth are healthy, the plan includes dental examinations, routine cleanings, fillings, and root canal treatments if needed. Depending on your eligibility, certain payments may cover some dental expenses, such as dental assessments and routine cleanings, but not orthodontic treatments or aesthetic treatments.



  • Make sure they brush their teeth twice daily, floss once daily, and visit their dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning.
  • Teach your kids about proper dental hygiene and practice preventive measures like reducing sugar intake, eating healthy foods, and drinking plenty of water.

It helps promote healthy dental habits that will last into adulthood and emphasises prevention and early intervention to reduce the risk of dental problems later in life.

Your child may be afraid of going to the dentist. But don’t worry; there are simple ways you can help them reduce their stress. First, talk to your child about the requirement of visiting a dentist, and use positive words to make this process less scary. When visiting the dentist’s office, bring your child’s favourite toy to distract them from the procedure. Watching a cartoon can also be helpful during longer procedures.

The process of registering your child with a dentist is not complex. Find a dentist in your area. You can check Acacia Dental to find dentists who offer dental services for kids in Darwin and book your appointment online. Otherwise, you should call the dentist’s office to find out when the dentist is available. Furthermore, you should fill out the registration form when you visit the dentist for the first session. Ensure you give the dentist all the necessary information about your child.