Dental Filling at Acacia Dental

No one likes to hear the words “you need a permanent tooth filling”, but for many of us, it is a reality we must face. Getting a filling at the dentist is not an everyday experience, so if you are looking for a dental filling procedure with high-quality outcomes, find a dental filling service you can trust!
You are in the right place for different types of dental fillings and treatments; you can feel the professional and compassionate atmosphere at Acacia Dental Clinic. Our experienced and professional team is here to help you every step of the way.

Dental Fillings

Types of Dental Fillings

Type of permanent tooth filling material matters! While previously, amalgam dental fillings treatment was popular due to its cost and longevity; we no longer use amalgam!
Our dentists no longer use amalgam or silver mercury in dental fillings due to their potential health risks. In some cases, it releases low levels of mercury or causes mercury vapour.
Symptoms of mercury poisoning can include changes in vision, hearing, and coordination, as well as fatigue, headaches, and depression.

 If you take an MRI after dental fillings, the symptoms may be increased. Nowadays, many different dental fillings materials are available, including

composite resins, porcelain, and sometimes gold.

  • Composite resin fillings are extremely popular because they are tooth-coloured and can be more aesthetically pleasing than other types. They are a good choice for dental filling after root canal treatment or dental gap filling treatment.
  • Porcelain fillings are also an option; they last longer than composite resins.
  • Gold fillings are the longest-lasting filling material but are the most expensive option. It is somehow outdated, and people prefer tooth-coloured options.

Dental Cavity Filling Treatment for Children

Dental filling for kids is a restoration procedure used to fill and seal the tooth from further damage. With proper care and regular dental checkups, dental cavity filling treatment can help protect children’s teeth for many years.
Good to know that Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) is one of the most popular materials used in this treatment due to its biocompatibility and esthetic value. It releases fluoride to decrease the chance of further cavities. No need to google “Kid’s Dentistry near me” in Darwin, Acacia is the place!

How Does A Dentist Fill A Cavity? Tooth Filling Process

Our dentists will fill a cavity in a few steps.
Firstly, they will use a drill to remove the decaying part of the tooth.
Then, they will clean, shape, and dry the area before filling it with a suitable material. This could be any material you prefer.
Finally, the dentist will check the bite and smooth off any sharp edges for a comfortable finish.

Can a Dentist Fill a Cracked Tooth?

Dentists are trained to diagnose and treat various dental issues, including broken fillings, lost dental filling treatment, and emergency dental fillings. If you have a cracked tooth, your dentist can determine the extent of the damage and develop a treatment plan to restore the tooth. It may involve using a restorative material such as dental treatment to fill gaps with white composite or even more involved treatments such as inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers or root canal therapy.

Composite Filling
Dental filling material options

Dental filling material options

Composite Resin

They are made of plastic resin and are more cost-effective than other fillings. They also look more natural than other types, as they can be colour-matched to the natural shade of your teeth. Additionally, they are safe to use and do not contain mercury, which can be found in other fillings.

Glass-ionomer Cement

GIC is an excellent choice for dental cavity filling treatment for children as it is strong, long-lasting, relatively painless and very cost-effective.

Temporary fillings

They seal a tooth and provide temporary relief from sensitivity or pain. They are usually made of a material such as an acrylic-based material, zinc oxide eugenol, or glass ionomer cement.
What about tooth filling at home with an emergency dental filling kit?
They are a great way to fill cavities temporarily, but it is not permanent. See a dentist as soon as possible to have the cavity professionally filled.

Dental Filling Costs: Average Dentist Prices for Fillings

Dental filling costs vary greatly depending on the type of material used and the severity of the cavity. Generally, cheap dental fillings are made of silver amalgam, while composite or porcelain fillings are more expensive.
Consult with our dentists at Acacia Dental Clinic regarding the exact dental filling treatment price, as tooth filling costs can vary from patient to patient.

Benefit from Medical Insurances in Acacia Dental

As a dental clinic, we want to inform you that some private health funds have developed their own network of Preferred Providers or Members Providers or Members Choice Providers, which include BUPA (MBF & HBA are now part of this group) and Medibank Private.

Acacia Dental Clinic has been chosen as a preferred provider by many of Australia’s health funds, meaning you can enjoy maximum savings on your dental treatments.

We Are Preferred Providers For​​

*By utilizing the health funds mentioned above, you are able to immediately access your rebate after receiving treatment, while you can also benefit from up to two free treatments per year (look up your health fund website to see what these treatments are).

What to Expect After a Filling

What to Expect After a Filling

This procedure can restore the natural shape and function of damaged teeth, preventing further damage.
Dental fillings are also relatively cost-effective and can often be completed in one office visit.
However, there are some potential risks associated with dental fillings as well. These include

  • Damage to the tooth or nerve
  • Allergic reaction to the filling material
  • Tooth sensitivity

Dental Fillings During Pregnancy
It is a form of preventive dental treatment fillings that helps to prevent tooth decay and other dental problems—as with any medical procedure, discussing with a dental professional the potential risks associated with this treatment when pregnant is essential.

Tooth Pain After Filling
Tooth pain after filling is a common symptom caused by the irritation of the nerve inside a tooth. This pain can range from mild to severe and often worsens over time. It can be caused by the filling material being too big, not properly sealed, or removing a large amount of the tooth structure. Treatment involves adjusting the filling size, cleaning around the filling, and sometimes deep cleaning and antibiotics

Fill It Up, Feel It Up

No matter if you are looking for cosmetic dentistry filling gaps or looking for “emergency dental filling near me”. Rest assured, knowing that your mouth and teeth are safe! Trust us when we say that taking care of your teeth today will save you pain and money in the future. Visit us today to learn more about how we can help with teeth fillings! We are the suitable choice for those searching for quality dental fillings treatment in Darwin Coolalinga, Palmerston, Humpty doo, and Howard Springs!


The healing process for a dental filling usually takes about 1-2 weeks. However, following your dentist’s instructions is vital for the best results.

The cost of a dental filling can vary depending on the type of filling material used and the dental office’s location. Generally, a composite (tooth-coloured) filling is more expensive than an amalgam (silver) filling.

The average lifespan of a white dental filling is about 7-10 years, but this can vary based on the size of the filling, the materials used, and the patient’s oral hygiene.

Dentists use a variety of materials and techniques to repair and replace fillings.
The primary material used to fill cavities is a dental composite or tooth-coloured plastic and glass mixture, which bonds to the tooth to restore its standard shape and function.

If the dentist did not fill the cavity correctly, the patient should contact their dentist and explain the issue. The dentist needs to know so that any necessary corrections can be made. The dentist may need to re-fill the cavity or fix any irregularities in the filling.

Yes, a filling is sometimes used as part of the dental implant process. The filling material fills any gaps between the implant and the surrounding teeth.

Yes, you can have a dental filling after Fraxel treatment. However, you should wait several days after the treatment to allow the skin to heal before visiting the dentist.

A lost filling is not typically considered a dental emergency, but seeking treatment as soon as possible is essential. Depending on the extent of the damage, a filling may only need to be replaced, while more severe damage could require a root canal or an extraction.