Acacia Dental Payment Plans​​

We have always taken great pride in offering quality service at an economical price in Australia. At Acacia Dental Care Clinic, we offer convenient and affordable payment plans to help you get the dental care you need. Our dental treatment payment plan is designed to fit your budget and make it easier to manage your dental expenses. Flexible dentist payment plans provide valuable assistance with dental treatments, making our services more accessible and affordable. Our friendly staff will work with you to determine the best option for your financial situation.

Affordable Dental Payment Options For Your Peace of Mind

We understand that quality dental care should not be out of reach for everyone, so we provide an affordable and convenient payment solution for our patients.
Acacia Dental Clinic offers affordable finance for your dental treatments through Openpay and Denticare Patient Payment Solutions. Both of these services provide simple and convenient ways for you to afford your dental care over time. This is an excellent option for patients who may need to spread out their payments over several months or up to 24 months.

Family Dental Care with Dental Payment Plans
Give your child a healthy and happy smile with our expert pediatric dental care in Darwin

Openpay Dental Payment Plans

OpenPay Dental Plans make it easy to find and connect with an affordable dentist in Australia who offers payment plans. With OpenPay’s revolutionary payment plan, you can pay for expensive dental procedures over time with no interest!
Payments are flexible and can be tailored to suit your budget and lifestyle. The payment terms and amounts are agreed on before your treatment begins, and you can easily manage payments via the Openpay App.

Example of How Dental Payment Plans Work

A patient faces a hefty medical bill of $3000 for necessary treatment. Daunted by the high cost, they devise a payment plan to manage the expenses. They begin by paying a $600 down payment, or 20% of the total cost, which acts as a starting point for their plan. The remaining balance of $2400 is broken up into low monthly installments of $200. Finances are easily tracked through DentiCare or Openpay, with 12 months of payments to cover the cost in full. This plan allows the patients to receive their treatment without exceeding their budget.

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Unlock Your Insurance Benefits with Our Services

Acacia Dental Clinic has been chosen as a preferred provider by many of Australia’s health funds, meaning you can enjoy maximum savings on your dental treatments.

Our exclusive offer grants you access to considerably higher rebates than normal, while also providing a fixed fee per service so you can know precisely what you are paying. Do not miss out on this exclusive opportunity to save on your dental work!

We Are Preferred Providers For​​

*By utilizing the health funds mentioned above, you are able to immediately access your rebate after receiving treatment, while you can also benefit from up to two free treatments per year (look up your health fund website to see what these treatments are).

If you are using the health funds above, you can claim your rebate on the same day as you receive your treatment, and you will also be able to use these services one or two times a year completely free of charge:

Our accredited practice is classified as a preferred provider. As a result, our patients can take advantage of exclusive benefits, depending on the level of coverage they have with their health fund.

DentiCare Dental Payment Plans

Acacia Dental offers simple, direct debit payment plans for selected dental treatments through DentiCare.

DentiCare is a payment plan provider that allows you to pay off the cost of dental treatment through weekly or monthly payments. The payment plan is designed to fit in with your income and has no interest charges or hidden fees. You can apply online in a few minutes and enjoy the convenience of having your dental treatment now and paying it off later.

DentiCare manages your tailored direct debit payment plan on behalf of your Doctor so we can focus on you, your smile, and your dental healthcare needs.

Common Treatments Covered by Dental Payment Plans

Dental treatments can come at a high cost, but with a Payment Plan, you can make sure that all of your necessary treatments are taken care of on time. From repairing cavities to getting braces and more, let us explore some common dental treatments requiring a payment plan:

  • Dental Implants

  • Root Canal Treatments

  • Dental Crowns

  • Tooth Fillings

  • Teeth Whitening

  • Smile Makeovers

Affordable Dentist Near You

If you live in or close to Coolalinga, Darwin, Palmerston, Humpty doo, or Howard Springs and are searching for a dentist with payment plan options, look no further!


If you are an adult, employed, and an Aussie citizen, then you could qualify for a DentiCare Payment plan. No need to worry about tedious credit checks or time-consuming approval processes; sign up today and begin your treatment without delay!

The Openpay application process is simple and fast. All you need is approval from your dentist. Our dentists in Acacia Dental Clinic will assess your needs and approve you for a payment plan that works for you.

You must be of legal age or above (18 years of age or older). An active email address and phone number must be provided for verification purposes. Openpay also requires a valid payment card or digital wallet from Australia (or New Zealand if applicable) and valid identification from the same country. This can be a driver’s license, passport, or other forms of government-issued identification card.