Dental Cares Beyond Teeth in Darwin

Did you know that dental cares go farther than just fixing your teeth?

Contrary to what it seems, the dentist does more than treating toothache for you. From preventing diseases such as gum disease to more severe treatments such as oral cancer treatment, you can avoid many diseases by visiting the dentist regularly and annually. At Acacia Dental, we offer beyond teeth dental cares in Coolalinga Darwin, NT

dental screening - oral cancer

Mouth and Oral Cancer Screening​

During the annual visits to the dentist, if any signs of oral cancer are observed, the dentist recommends you do oral cancer screening. In fact, this clinical exam of the mouth is part of a routine dental checkup in which the dentist looks and feels around your mouth, lips, and face for any signs of cancer, such as changes in color or lumps.

This process is important because if the dentist diagnoses oral cancer at its first steps, it will have a higher chance of being cured.

If you look for mouth and oral cancer screening near you in Darwin, check out Acacia Dental oral cancer screening service.

Gum Disease Treatment

When it comes to gum health maintenance, recognizing gum disease at its first stage will be helpful. Because in most cases, if the infection does not surround the teeth, it is possible to keep the teeth and treat the gum disease with medications or simple procedures.

You should note that everyone can prevent gum disease at home by brushing and flossing. But, if you don’t follow this oral hygiene routine, the infection will make a plaque or sticky film of bacteria that may cause inflammation, recession, or bleeding. In this case, you should visit a dentist or hygienist to remove these sticks and plaques.

There are two types of gum disease which have different treatments. Gingivitis is the most common gum disease that is mild and may only affect the gums. Periodontitis is the more severe form of gum disease that if it is not treated, it can affect the teeth or even the bones.

dental guard

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Sometimes even the sleep problems may be related to the teeth. One of the common problems is obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), which occurs when the muscles and soft tissues in the throat collapse, causing a partial or complete clusore of the airway. This causes a blockage in the airflow, so the person cannot breathe normally and may face lower oxygen levels in the blood. This problem is irritating and may affect the person’s sleep. You may wonder how this problem is related to teeth dental care.

When something blocks the airway, the muscles in the mouth and jaw try to open it. Consequently, this can cause a person to grind their teeth. Therefore, the patient should visit a dentist to treat teeth grinding and avoid further problems such as bruxism or misaligned bite. In most cases, the problem will be solved by using night guards for grinding.
Acacia Dental offers Obstructive Sleep Apnoea treatment as one of the beyond dental care services in Darwin.

Dental X-Rays

Dentists usually need to know what’s beyond your teeth that have caused pain or infection. Accordingly, dental X-rays are recommended as one of the first stages of most dental procedures. With the help of X-rays, also known as radiographs, the dentist can see beneath the visible oral tissues and detect what has happened to the teeth. This procedure is a very common and simple dental exam. The X-ray is used to diagnose cavities or dental infections that are not visible. Based on this image, or radiograph, the dentist can offer dental procedures such as dental fillings or root canals.

Have a Pleasant Dental Experience

No matter how severe your dental problem is, Acacia Dental offers beyond teeth dental care with affordable prices and under the hands of experienced dentists.

If you maintain your oral hygiene, not only can you prevent dental problems, but also you will improve your overall health. Furthermore, if you keep your teeth healthy, you will have a more beautiful smile. Therefore, no further dental surgeries are required to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Oral hygiene is a package of what you can do to keep your teeth healthy and clean. It can be as simple as brushing your teeth or visiting your dentist regularly. Generally, taking care of your mouth, teeth, and gums by brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, eating healthy, and seeing your dentist regularly is called oral hygiene. It is vital for your health because it can stop tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and other problems that can hurt your heart, lungs, bones, and brain.

Generally, oral care is divided into different categories depending on the patient’s needs. These categories include:

Different procedures are recommended based on the patient’s dental health. These procedures are divided into three groups: preventative dental care, which consists of simple procedures offered to prevent teeth from decay or more severe problems Restorative dental care contains procedures that are performed to overcome a teeth problem, like root canal or tooth extraction. And the last category is cosmetic dental care which includes procedures that are performed to give a more beautiful smile, such as dental veneers or root canals.