most common dental procedures

What are the most common dental procedures?

Read on to understand what to expect based on your dental problems. Let’s Check out the following list of dental procedures and prices in Coolalinga.

Dental Sealant

Dental caries is frequently observed among children and adolescents, leading to more serious dental conditions that can cause pain and infection. Dental sealants are among the most common dental procedures in pediatrics that are offered to avert such occurrences.

During this procedure, a thin coating is applied to the molar tooth, which acts as a shield to protect the tooth from decay.

One may be curious to know the contrasting features of sealants and fillings. When dental sealants are done at a young age, they protect teeth from decay. On the other hand, dental fillings are performed to fill the cavity, which means dental sealants are a preventative procedure that can save you from having a more painful and expensive process, such as tooth fillings.

Dental Sealants in Darwin For Children & Adults


Dental crowns are recommended when your teeth are too damaged or cracked to have a dental cap on them. This problem not only affects the beauty of your smile, but it is also harmful to your dental health. If the weakened and damaged tooth is not treated correctly or protected, it may lead to tooth extraction.

Therefore, the crown is placed on the damaged tooth as a tooth mold to protect it and help the overall beauty of a person’s smile. Dental crowns are frequently performed, and common dental procedures are often sought for cosmetic purposes.

They can effectively mask tooth discoloration, making them a popular choice among patients. Dental crowns and major dental procedures such as implants, bridges, and root canals are also required.

Dental Extraction

On certain occasions, the tooth may sustain such extensive damage that it becomes irrevocable to restore with basic dental procedures. Therefore, damaged teeth should be removed as soon as possible to decrease the pain and prevent infection.

Dentists recommend dental extraction to avoid gum and other tooth decay. In reality, tooth extraction is an easy treatment. However, in some cases, local anesthesia is ordered to prevent the patient from feeling pain in complex procedures like the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are an orthodontic treatment consisting of brackets attached to the teeth with a special adhesive to apply gentle pressure and align the teeth. If you have crooked teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite, or gaps between the teeth, your dentist may offer this dental treatment.

Dental braces are an orthodontic treatment consisting of brackets attached to the teeth

Orthodontic procedures are the most common dental treatments for teenagers.


A dental veneer is one of the revolutionary techniques in cosmetic dentistry to make your smile brighter. During this procedure, thin and custom-made shells are stuck to the front of the teeth to cover the discoloration or teeth chip.

Veneer comes in different materials: porcelain veneers and resin veneers. Each of which has extra durability and price.

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Dental Implant

Missing teeth should be replaced. Whether it is damaged or removed by tooth extractions, you can fill its place with an implant. Although a dental implant is considered an artificial tooth, it is very similar to a natural tooth, so no one can recognize it from other teeth.

That’s why a dental implant is one of the most common dental procedures to enhance the overall beauty of teeth and give the patient a better smile. In addition to a perfect smile, dental implants can improve your speech and chewing ability.

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Root Canal

Sometimes tooth decay is so broad that it causes damage to the tissue inside or enamel and its nerves. Over time, this problem leads to an intense tooth infection and pain, indicating that it is time for root canal treatment.

During this medical procedure, the dental professional eliminates any infected tissue from the tooth and carefully cleanses the tooth root to ensure proper disinfection. The procedure is usually performed in two visits and is considered a major dental procedure.

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Teeth Whitening

As the name suggests, this procedure improves the brightness of your teeth. It means it is completely a basic dental cosmetic procedure. You only need this procedure if your teeth are discolored or need aesthetic improvement.

Teeth whitening, also known as bleaching, doesn’t affect your overall health; it only makes your teeth whiter, which can impact your smile.

Teeth Whitening procedure improves the brightness of your teeth

Teeth Cleaning

Dental care that anticipates and avoids possible oral health issues is preventive dental care. It means that the services under this group are offered to prevent teeth from discoloration, decay, or other dental problems. We recommend teeth cleaning at least once or twice a year.

Teeth cleaning is like a professional brushing, performed in two steps: scaling and polishing. During these procedures, the dentist cleans the teeth and below the gum with fluoride gel and a rotating brush. This process will improve oral health and prevent gum diseases.

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Scaling and Root Planing

When you eat and drink, hardened plaque is formed below the gumline. Neglecting the essential removal of the said element may lead to detrimental effects on one’s gums and result in tooth decay.

That’s why it is necessary to do scaling and root planning annually. It may seem very similar to tooth cleaning, but this procedure focuses on gum cleaning. The scaling and root planing do not entail any discomfort or necessitate the administration of anesthesia.

Steps to dental implant - before, during and after

Gingival Graft

Gum recession refers to the condition where the gum line recedes from the teeth, resulting in the exposure of roots. If left untreated, the teeth’s roots will be affected by decay or abrasion.

To prevent this problem, your dentist may offer you a gum graft, a surgical procedure to reverse gum recession, prevent bone loss and root infection, and improve your appearance and smile. However, only patients with enough gum tissue around the area of recession are candidates for this treatment.

Otherwise, regenerative procedures may be recommended.

Elevate Your Dental Experience: Unveiling Premium Treatment Options

Bottom Line

Sustaining adequate dental hygiene is crucial for an individual’s general wellness and a positive facial expression. General or common dental treatments such as fillings, root canals, and extractions are necessary to avoid pain and dysfunctionality.

Some of these procedures can be painful and inconvenient for patients. You may undergo uncomfortable and costly procedures if you don’t go for regular dental visits. It does matter when, who, and how your dental care process goes.

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What dental treatments are frequently performed?

Most people have cosmetic dental procedures, and others need restorative dental procedures. Therefore, dental implants, root canal therapy, and teeth whitening are among the most common dental procedures.

Can you explain the methodology of restorative dentistry?

These procedures are more therapeutic than cosmetic. Restorative dental procedures are highly advised as a viable solution for repairing damaged teeth or gums. They augment teeth’ oral health and functionality, promoting a healthier and happier life.

Which dental surgery is the most frequently performed procedure?

Surprisingly, wisdom tooth removal surgery is the most common dental procedure worldwide because more than half of people need this treatment during their lifetime.

What dental procedure causes the least amount of discomfort and pain?

Most people are afraid of dental procedures because they think all of them are painful. But you should know that basic dental procedures, especially preventative dental services like teeth whitening, scaling, and polishing, are not painful. That’s why it is always recommended to visit a dentist annually to maintain your dental hygiene and avoid major dental procedures that are more discomforting.

Which dental procedure causes the most discomfort?

In general, each person has a level of pain tolerance. Therefore, something that is considered extremely painful may not bother someone else. However, it is evident that procedures that involve surgery, such as dental implants or gum grafting, are more painful than simple preventative procedures, such as teeth whitening. Therefore, to avoid painful dental procedures, it is always recommended to maintain good oral health and to have annual dental checkups.

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