Seek Emergency Dental Care Even After Working Hours in Coolalinga?

Don’t worry about the time. At Acacia Dental, we provide after hours dental appointments in Darwin. Our after hours dentists in Coolalinga and Darwin are ready to visit you not only every day from 8 to 5 but also on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 to 6 and Mondays from 8 to 7.

Get Quick Response For Prompt Relief Within Minutes

Acacia Dental Clinic provides an immediate, urgent response to all dental emergencies and helps you take control of your dental health. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, whether you suffer from a broken tooth, toothache, gum disease, or anything else, you can trust us as a reliable emergency dental clinic in Darwin.

Receive Immediate Emergency Dental Care When You Need It Most!

We understand the pain of dental emergencies, and we are equipped to handle complex or urgent dental care when you need it most. When dental emergencies arise, Acacia Dental Clinic will provide you with quick help, comfortable services, and a high standard of care.

Stop Suffering in Silence! Look at Our Emergency Dental Services

Many dental problems, such as broken teeth, tooth decay, or severe gum diseases, can lead to an emergency. Acacia emergency dental services with instant response in dental emergencies can prevent and decrease long-term harm and help you gain healthy teeth in a shorter time.

You have undoubtedly heard stories of friends going through dental whitening therapy only to be told that it hurts a lot! Despite many people having sensitive teeth, the truth is that many people are unaware of these problems. It may be due to genes, cracked or damaged teeth, or enamel deterioration. So they buy the next best over-the-counter cure to whiten their teeth.
In contrast, if you select teeth whitening by dentists, you will always be examined by your dentist or hygienist first. They will know from previous experience if you will be sensitive to whitening treatments and may even suggest fixing the issue before any treatment begins.

This method has been tested in labs and is certified for professional administration, guaranteeing a nearly perfect chance of success for every treatment. Unlike unverified products, the gels are manufactured with the highest quality, which we ensure for all our equipment used during the whitening process.
We guarantee whiter teeth by the end of every session and provide counselling on exactly how many sessions you should have to achieve the shade of white you want.

From a psychological viewpoint, the improved appearance and the newly found whiteness of the teeth you will experience after the treatment greatly encourage taking oral hygiene more seriously and keeping your newfound charm.
Moreover, the stains can lead to decay and infection over time, so removing them sooner rather than later can increase the lifetime of your teeth.

Teeth vary in shades and how they react to whitening treatments. The comprehensive treatments you find that claim to treat all shades and types of teeth are not customised based on an individual’s health profile, and the results you can expect from such treatment will be far from perfect. Our specialists can offer teeth whitening customised to your needs and requests by taking precise measurements and impressions before the treatment. If you do not want your teeth to look too white, you can determine precisely what shade you want during the examination visit.

Dental Crowns and tooth fillings can be employed to revitalise damaged or decaying teeth, restoring them to their once pristine condition and optimal functionality. So, if they break in suddenly, you must get emergency dental care and treat them immediately to avoid further injury or reinfection in your mouth.

Acacia Dental Care is Here to Handle Any Dental Emergency

We know dental emergencies can be a traumatic experience for you. Acacia Dental Clinic has a team of experienced and professional emergency dentists who are available 24/7 to resolve your emergency quickly and conveniently.

 Our daily working hours are between 8 to 5. Acacia Dental after hours dentists in Darwin are available on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 to 6, and Mondays from 8 to 7. 

Unlock Your Dental Insurance Benefits

As a dental clinic, we want to inform you that some private health funds have developed their own network of Preferred Providers or Members Providers or Members Choice Providers, which include BUPA (MBF & HBA are now part of this group) and Medibank Private.

Acacia Dental Clinic has been chosen as a preferred provider by many of Australia’s health funds, meaning you can enjoy maximum savings on your dental treatments.

We Are Preferred Providers For​​

*By utilizing the health funds mentioned above, you are able to immediately access your rebate after receiving treatment, while you can also benefit from up to two free treatments per year (look up your health fund website to see what these treatments are).


Root canal treatment is only reserved for highly damaged teeth where the infection has reached the root of the patient’s tooth and is causing constant pain. This method helps weaken the tooth against impact and expose the neighbouring teeth to infection.

Visiting a specialist is the only way to know if you need root canal treatment or not. If you have these symptoms, take them seriously and visit a dentist.
Experiencing constant tooth pain for no apparent reasons
Infection of gums and bad breath caused by root infection
Increased sensitivity to hot and cold beverages

Touching the roots can not make anything better. Your tooth is exposed and can soak up bacteria, which will cause a severe root infection and force you to receive root canal treatment.
Use only saltwater to disinfect the broken teeth or gums, and do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol as a disinfectant.
Do not scratch the rough edges of the teeth or any other segment, and do not try to break off the tooth entirely if it is still hanging by a thread.